Top 3 Luxury Streetwear Brands You Have to Follow This Year

Top 3 Luxury Streetwear Brands You Have to Follow This Year

Top 3 Luxury Streetwear Brands You Have to Follow This Year

We’re living in an age where fashion changes by the day. I mean literally, we’ll be ordering the dopest Adidas sneakers online one day and by the time it reaches us, the sneaker trend is long gone. And right when you decide to chuck it, they’re back in fashion!

So we have to be downright quick in copying styles, if we’re doing it. Especially when it comes to street fashion. If you see an embroidered crewneck on Jay Z, then it’s probably in the streetwear market already. Now you just got to know where to find it!

For the same reason most streetwear brands like Diamond Supply and Supreme are in constant competition with each other to deliver exactly what customers want, when they want it. Customers who follow these brands clearly know which brand will give them the kind of clothes they want.

And of course, most of the popular brands in streetwear have been doing complete justice to the streetwear trends. As we all know, street fashion is not just about the apparel, but more about the attitude. In that sense, every brand we follow is a winner isn’t it?

Considering the effort and dedication required to stay ahead in street fashion, it is quite a task to keep up. And there are some brands that truly stand out.

Be it in terms of the fashion and style, or the delivery of spotted trends or the attitude or the quality of clothing, some brands have really gone that extra mile to achieve the ultimate street look. And for a long time, they have remained true to what their brand stands for. It’s what makes people want to buy from them. Especially when brands have the power to design hoodies with zippers that’s worn by celebrities.

So here are the top 3 luxury streetwear brands that have been constantly staying ahead in street fashion:

  1. BOY London – This is a brand founded by Stephanie Raynor during those times when the term streetwear was still brand new. Since then they have been able to constantly bring in innovation and edge to their styles without altering their base of what their brand was all about in the beginning.Top 3 Luxury Streetwear Brands You Have to Follow This Year
  2. Scotch and Soda – They have been known to be more of a sophisticated streetwear brand and are also experts in innovation. For them it’s all about exploring different lands and cultures and blending them together to create their own unique style. Even though that sounds like an experiment, rest assured, they know what they are doing.Top 3 Luxury Streetwear Brands You Have to Follow This Year
  3. Criminal Damage – This is a brand that has been in street fashion since the early nineties. They are based in East London and till date, they have stayed true to their promise of delivering electric, outrageously cool and novel streetwear. They also have a wide variety of apparel complete with the highest quality prints and the finest of detailing.Top 3 Luxury Streetwear Brands You Have to Follow This Year

Now even though these brands may slightly be on the more expensive side, they are worth every penny.
You should definitely follow them right away, if you’re not already!
So which one is your favorite?

Author: Bhagya Rose is a die-hard fashion enthusiast, designer and writer, who loves exploring the latest trends in street fashion, indulging herself sans souci in some good old fashioned retail therapy every once in a while and is obsessed with everything Rose Gold.