…So, What is so special about 199hates Series? Let’s find out!

Demon Hunters by 199hates

One of the prominent visual artists from Argentina, grew up watching the 90s Japanese TV channels which developed his passion for the visual art. His main focus has been on the illustrations, 2D animations and character designs. One of his recent illustrations of 199hates is also inspired by the creator of Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo coupled with the neo-modern era. He created the masterpiece designs combining the traditional Japanese ghost symbols, urban street wear and the hip-hop depiction of future. The 199hates illustrations include a collection of demonic gangsters showing off kanji symbolism, and demon hunters which is a clear manifestation of the traditional Japanese artwork.

The art is here to inspire many urban clothing stores online. Looking at the collection of 199hates, one is bound to take your imagination to the streets of Tokyo where there are bikers, dragons and swords. There is also a glimpse of inspiration from the work of Jamie Hewlett who is the creator of futuristic characters of Gorillaz, which is evident in the illustrations of 199hates. The catch here is that the illustrations not only have an imaginative attraction but there is a touch of realism also. Yes! The outfits also present to you a feel of real brands.

He experimented with a wide range of darker shades when depicting the ghosts like yōkai, obake, yūrei and other mythological characters in his most recent collection named Demon Hunters. The series seems unique as the color choice deviated from the previously used red skin tones and saturated shades. The heroes depicted are basically a group of demon hunters who are trying to strike a balance between real and supernatural world. They are in fact attempting to develop harmony and peace between the two opposite worlds. The series is actually unique in various aspects and that is the main reason for its popularity among the fans as well as the critiques equally.

Author: Amber Hina is a freelance writer deeply interested in fashion and well-being. When she is not writing, she is doing yoga.