Your not-so-secret weapon this Spring/Summer – Men’s Streetwear:

Well! If you are wondering about the up-coming trends in the men’s streetwear In Spring/Summer 2017, the Fashion Week recently held is your best chance to have inspirations. The designers from all over the world showed up at the event with their unique designs and colors. Why don’t you have a look at the most-talked about trends inspired from the event?

A touch from the Seventies

Pulling off your Seventies street style is the talk of the town ever since the Fashion Week 2017.  Carrying a rusty, rough look with loose fit shirts buttons in dark shades pays a tribute to the classy fashion trends of the Seventies.




A peek into Childhood

As they say, “One should not let the child hidden in oneself”, why not keep our childhood alive when it comes to clothing. Yes! Stand out and flaunt your street style with playful prints and designs just like the attendees took up the opportunity from the Fashion Week 2017 to show off the childhood memories imprinted on their shirts. The men’s shirt jacket is so much fun when there are spacecraft, surfboards and zoo animals being emblazoned on the shirts and even on trousers.



Go out and about with Monochromes

A relative brave approach was adopted by the Fashion Week Designers this year. Playing with the unique elements of graphics, you can take up the Black and White combination with striped or check patterns and make your own style statement.


Red – The catch of the town“The men in Red”

Yes! This is a new trend from the Fashion Week this year. You can now grab the attention by flaunting a vivid-red t-shirt replacing your plain white ones. Paired with dark shaded Denim, a red sweater might do the trick for you.


Look younger with Banadanas

For all those folks out there who want to enjoy the boyish look, Bandanas are the best choice as they cost you absolutely few dollars and you still carry your stylish self. Go out with multi-colored neckerchiefs and silhouettes and enjoy your casual street style.



Author: Amber Hina is a freelance writer deeply interested in fashion and well-being. When she is not writing, she is doing yoga.