Nas x Supreme Collab: Is It Really Happening?

Nas x Supreme Collab: Is It Really Happening?


Nas x Supreme Collab: Is It Really Happening?

Supreme is already one of the most popular streetwear clothing brands in the world. With their innovation, style and high quality apparel, Supreme’s loyalty has already been earned by millions of followers around the world. Plus, it has worked with some of the most ground breaking designers and musicians of the current generation which has to a great extent, shaped its identity.
Supreme slowly became a brand people could easily relate to. And that has literally established the cornerstone for its immense popularity.

Anyway, so we already know Supreme is New York’s own favorite clothing brand.

Now who is New York’s own favorite rapper?

You guessed it right! Nas!

Nas x Supreme Collab: Is It Really Happening?Source

Now what if I told you that the both of them are looking to work together to create something that we’ve all been waiting for?

Reason to celebrate right!?

Well, there have been several rumors doing their rounds on this news, and we have some developments now.
Remember that old image of Nas wearing Supreme’s box logo shirt from 2013?

Nas x Supreme Collab: Is It Really Happening?

According to Supreme enthusiast Jay Preme, that original image will be featured on eight different T-Shirt colors and will be a part of the brand’s fall/winter collection for 2017.

Nas x Supreme Collab: Is It Really Happening?Source

He announced the news on his Instagram.

He said, “Originally teased in 2013, but never dropped, the time is finally coming. This is just a mock up of the tee to come but he will be wearing a black beanie, Olive Fatigue jacket, and of course the original Black box on White tee Nasty Nas Written Under Photo.”

Well, that sure gives some direction to the rumors. And if it is true, Nas would become the sixth rapper or rap team to be featured on one of their photo tees, after the likes of Dipset, Prodigy, Three 6 Mafia, Raekwon and Gucci Mane.

We haven’t received any further follow-ups on the update, but of course we’ll keep our eyes open for more developments on this. Something tells me that it is going to be legendary!


Author: Bhagya Rose is a die-hard fashion enthusiast, designer and writer, who loves exploring the latest trends in street fashion, indulging herself sans souci in some good old fashioned retail therapy every once in a while and is obsessed with everything Rose Gold.