3 Curious Mens Streetwear Trends For Summer 2017 That You Don’t Want to Sleep On

mens streetwear trends

Here’s three of the top mens streetwear trends that might play a huge role in summer 2017.  Don’t sleep on these:

mens streetwear trends

Luxury Athletic Wear

Dubbed “Athluxury,” started with the jogger becoming a streetwear staple.  Since then, it’s become a huge trend in high fashion which often then trends back down to streetwear.

We’ve seen top fashion brands like Calvin Kelin and Tory Burch incorporate it into their recent shows as well.  

athluzury streetwear mens

Additionally, we’re seeing collaborations between fashion brands and the likes of Umbro, Nike, and the Supreme X Louis Vuitton collabs are well known at this point.

Expect to see lots of varsity styles breaking into streetwear this summer and fall like more varsity jackets, polo shirts, and the continuation of dad hats (ew).

mens streetwear athletic wear

Finally, you’ll see a comeback of big logos (a fantastic push back against the hipster minimalism we’ve seen recently) as established brands used collaborations to try to compete with their quick-to-market streetwear competition.

Everything Oversized

oversized clothing mens streetwear

With a comeback of everything ‘90s, don’t expect this streetwear men trend to get skipped over.  Now styled as a modern streetwear aesthetic, you’ll see more influence of the bagginess of the ‘90s era clothing, as well as some grunge influence.

streetwear oversized trend

Side Bags

It’s come a LONG way since the fanny-pack turned ‘side’ pack that my mom used to wear when we trolled outlet malls on vacations to Reno.

mens streetwear side bags

What I love about the cross shoulder bags is that it doesn’t make me look like I’m in highschool like a backpack and it also doesn’t make me look like I’m on my way to play bingo with Ike and Marilyn (apologies if you’re not over 80 and named either of those).

It’ll also be highly functional during the hottest months of the year when you don’t have the pockets of your NorthFace to stick your parking receipts and sunglasses into.  This humble bag will not only show up in the streets, but also in streetwear and high fashion starting later this summer.

Which of these do you think is going to be the hottest mens streetwear trend of summer 2017? Let me know in the comments below.

Author: Brendan is a lover of all things streetwear and a massive fan of The Hundreds. He writes often on <a href="http://brendanhufford.com"his own website and for his marketing agency.