The Essential Guide to Men’s Streetwear clothing

Streetwear clothing isn’t about making a fashion statement; it’s a lifestyle based on the culture of freedom of expression. Unlike in the early 2000’s, when Streetwear clothing was limited to the urban cities, its popularity, in both fashion and culture, has now grown exponentially into an international phenomenon. Teenagers and men in their twenties are its prime customer base. They’re the ones who rock the look by wearing something easy yet stylish.

Here’s a basic primer of what Men’s streetwear culture is all about and its essential items.

• Tops: Buttoned shirts or Tees, Tanks, Polos, that can be of solids, striped, plaids or with logos/graphics. Sweatshirts can be crewnecks, pullovers or hoodies in solids, patterns or with logos and graphics.

• Outerwear: Trucker jackets, Varsity jackets, Bomber jackets, Casual jackets and Windbreakers are the most crucial part of an outfit. Make sure to keep the colors and patterns simple and to always go dark over light.

• Bottoms: Bottoms should always suit your body type. Joggers are the most comfortable pants with various versions available in heavy chinos, sweatpants, or even dark denims. Skinny jeans and shorts are perfect for everyday wear, while the flexible denim ensures all-day comfort.

• Shoes: Shoes (read Sneakers) are a HUGE staple in the streetwear scene. Usually the pants dictate the shoes. The wider the leg opening, the wider the silhouette of the shoe should be. With shorts, go for a simple pair.

• Accessories: Hats, Watches, Chains, Belts, Bags, Glasses can add some flavor to an outfit. Accessories can completely change how one is perceived.

• Styling: Streetwear gives one the leeway as far as the fit is concerned, but make sure there isn’t a big disparity between the fit of the top and bottom half’s. The best way is to go for one loud pattern per outfit.

With the increasing prominence and wealth of rappers and other artists, the brands they associate with, influence men on the finer things in life. Streetwear is now deemed as an exclusive and limited edition good that comes with high fashion price tag. However, Vicemode offers these clothes at affordable prices.