Bobby Hundreds Shares His Top 10 Nikes Of All Time

bobby hundreds top 10 nikes

bobby hundreds favorite nikes of all time

Anybody who has been in the game for more than a minute knows that having fresh Nikes is not optional and having one of the top 10 nikes of all time is serious business. What what are the top 10?  It seems like everybody has an opinion especially when it comes with matching each pair with your favorite men’s winter coats.

And while people “ohh” and “ahh” of the latest Lebrons, I can’t help but wonder why.  If we’re honest, they’re hideous.

hideous lebron james shoes

They look like they’re straight out of the 5th Element.  In terms of “nobody will actually wear these’-ness, they’re up there with the Glen Rice Nautica Comps.  Gross.

glen rice nautica comps

Looking at the latest signature shoes to come out, it’s not hard to argue that some of the best Nike shoes of all time are behind us.

And that’s exactly what Bobby Hundreds does.  Here’s Bobby Hundreds’ Top 10 Nike Shoes:

10. Futura x Blazer

Year: 2003

future x blazer nike collab

In 2003, Nike produced an Artist Series that included rappers, actors, artists, and musicians in addition to athletes.  Graffiti artist Future decided to work on the now iconic Blazer.  With a black suede upper and a green curry tongue and Swoosh, this is one of Futura’s more simple designs but became an instant classic (especially as they were limited to 1000 pairs).

9. Nike Air Safari

Year: 1987

nike air safari

Debuting in 1987, this shoe is often easily seen and recognized by the safari upper.  Now known more as a lifestyle shoe than a performance shoe, the Safari continues to retro with fresh colorways, most recently in 2016.

8. Mita x Alpha Force

Year: 2004

nike collab mita and alpha force

7.Nike Air Presto (original)

Year: 2000

nike air presto OG

Marketed originally as a t-shirt for your foot, the Air Presto went against the grain when it was first released in 2000.  While themes of space, lightning, water, etc. are common now, they were really odd almost two decades ago. Additionally, with sock-style shoes becoming ultra-common, you can really see this as an early predecessor to so many of the top Nike’s that we see today.

6. Nike HTM Woven

Year: 2002

nike htm woven

Like the Presto, the Air Woven was a sign of things to come as well.  If you consider the design, it’s shows eerily similar traits to the FlyKnit.  The shoe owes the HTM name to the three designers Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, and Mark Parker.

(Side note: This shoe was chosen by Bobby Hundreds because of its inclusion into one of his, my my, favorite films: Lost in Translation).

nike htm woven lost in translation

5. Maple Dunk Hi’s

Year: 2002

nike maple dunk highs

Released as part of the second series of Nike SBs, many people overlooked these are first.  Now highly sought after, what stands out is the brown swoosh and brown midsole.

4. The “Cortez”

Year: 1972

nike cortez best of all time

Created in 1972, the Cortez was designed by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman for distance running and road running.  It was originally released for the 1972 Olympics in Mexico.

One of the coolest things that I learned why reading Knight’s recent memoir, ‘Shoe Dog,’ was the where the name of the Cortez came from.

Bowerman originally wanted to name in the ‘Aztec’ until a lawsuit was threatened by Adidas for infringing on their running shoe, the “Azteca Gold.”

When Knight told Bowerman, he replied:

“Who was that guy who kicked the shit out of the Aztecs?’ he asked. ‘Cortez,’ I said. He grunted. ‘Okay. Let’s call it the Cortez.’”

3. Supreme x Dunk Lo’s

Year: 2002

nike supreme dunk lows

The elephant print is everywhere now, from martial arts uniforms to billboards, but in 2002, it was sacred. You can style it with any jean jackets for men. Supreme’s flip of the Dunk SB in classic Jordan shoe colors created not only a new shoe, but Hypebeasts everywhere.

2. Nike Air Max 1B atmos “Safari”

Year: 2002

nike air max 1b safari atmos

Collaborations are so incredibly common now that nobody bats an eye, but out of Japan came the “Safari” designed by atmos.  In a time when the Nike swoosh was huge on so many shoes, the minimal swoosh used by the atmos crew was rare and special.  Released alongside the Viotechs, many people had to choose between the two.

1.Air Jordan 4

Year: 1989

nike air jordan four

Although not becoming ultra-popular until 1999, the original Air Jordan 4 was released in 1989 and popularized not only by Michael Jordan, but flying into pop culture as it appeared in the 1989 film “Do The Right Thing” directed by Spike Lee.

do the right thing gif jordan four white cement

What are your top 10 nikes?

Which of Bobby Hundreds favorites are on your Top 10 list, too?

Author: Brendan is a lover of all things streetwear and a massive fan of The Hundreds. He writes often on <a href=""his own website and for his marketing agency.