About Our Company

Vicemode LLC is a licensed importer and distributor of consumer goods. Our main focus is distributing products in both retail and online. We are located in Los
Angeles, California, in the heart of the fastest-growing international sales community. We’re on the verge to celebrate 5 years in 2021. VMPALACE is one
of the brands that we own. This audio brand sells thousands of large volume items through our buyers and distributors around the United States. VMPALACE
is also sold on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. We have also partnered with companies such as Costco and Best Buy on a corporate-level. With
the success story we’ve had in retail and e-commerce, we want to work with other companies in order to develop more business opportunities. We recently made a
partnership with Klipsch to be one of their official authorized resellers on Amazon.com and eBay.com.

Our recent partnership is with Gilles, Héloïse Lloris Champagne, Pierre Cardin, Energy Gum and CBD Gum. We’re involved in the licensing and distribution of their products in the United States.

Do you operate in retail or e-commerce? Vicemode LLC wants to work with you to develop business opportunities.

We’re interested in partnering with companies on an enterprise-level or simply pursuing an individual opportunistic acquisition of a business.

Main Trade Countries: