7 Awesome Ways To Wear Faux Fur

7 Ways To Wear Faux Fur

7 Ways To Wear Faux Fur

Fur is one of the most stylish, sophisticated and at the same time difficult trends to pull off when it comes to men’s street fashion. It is something that is capable of either making or totally breaking a style statement.
For women, it’s a whole different case because they have a million options to pair their fur with. But for men, let’s face it, there are lesser options and we have to make the most with what we have.
If you’re vegan just like me, then you are probably always faced with the biggest dilemma of wanting to look stylish with fur, but your inner compassion not letting you use fur.

Well, it’s for people like us that God gave us faux fur. It is just as or perhaps even more stylish looking than real fur and it is much more durable too.

So here are 7 ways in which you can wear faux fur:

  1. Faux Fur scarf – This is a safer bet for those guys who feel faux fur is a little too girlish for them. A scarf is a harmless way to pull off fur style without hurting your ego. Yet it has the potential to completely transform your entire look/7 Ways To Wear Faux FurSource
  2. Faux fur trims – From collar lapels to simple hemlines, trims are the most popular ways of incorporating faux fur leather jacket into your style. It is simple, it is cheap and it is super sophisticated too.7 Ways To Wear Faux FurSource
  3. Faux fur sweaters – This is like the ultimate street style staple in winters. I don’t think there would be any guy out there who wouldn’t want to invest in a good faux fur sweater. The best part is that it needn’t always be an all faux fur sweater, it can be a faux fur collar sweater or a faux fur lapel sweater or even a faux fur lined sweater.7 Ways To Wear Faux Fur
  4. Faux fur hoodies – Hoodies can carry faux fur too without looking too chunky. Simple fur elements can be incorporated into a hoodie to make it stylish.7 Ways To Wear Faux Fur
  5. Faux fur with denim – There is nothing more stylish than a denim jacket with faux fur collars. It is the equal amount of ruggedness and sophistication and it is perfect for the winter.
  6. Over-sized faux fur jackets – Over-sized jackets are any day a man’s best friend. And when it is a faux fur jacket, well, it’s a whole new level of comfort and with it, a very high style quotient.7 Ways To Wear Faux Fur
  7. Faux fur gloves – This is not the most conventional way of including faux fur in your wardrobe, but it is definitely a unique one. Not a lot of people have faux fur gloves as part of their everyday winter wear but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. It is time you gave your hands some protection as well.

That said, you now have 7 ways to wear faux fur. If you’re not much of an accessory person then you can go for the outer wear options and if you like trying different things, then you can go for the gloves or scarves. Either way, you’re winning the street style game.
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Author: Bhagya Rose is a die-hard fashion enthusiast, designer and writer, who loves exploring the latest trends in street fashion, indulging herself sans souci in some good old fashioned retail therapy every once in a while and is obsessed with everything Rose Gold.