3 Tips To Help You Style A Bomber Jacket

Washed Wool Overfit Flannel Jacket

Bomber jackets never seem to go out of style- you ought to have at least one in your wardrobe. And if you’re a fan of street style like me, one ain’t enough! They’re versatile and perfect for every look- from casual cool to smart, and maybe, even formal! Here are three tips to remember when wearing men’s bomber jacket:

• Pick the right color and style to suit the occasion:

There are plenty of different styles you can choose from, but the trick is to pick the right one for the right occasion. For example, green bomber jackets look great on a white tee and jeans. You can even layer them on a hoodie and nail the casual cool look perfectly. Wear them with skinny jeans (or ripped and/or distressed jeans), a cool sweatshirt, and finish with a beanie – you’ve ready for a date. Or, pair a leather bomber jacket with a cotton shirt and tie, brown leather boots, and you’re ready for the formal look, aka the Robert Downey Jr. style. Don’t leather biker jackets remind you of the timelessly classic Johnny Depp style? Wear them with a plain white t-shirt, blue denim, and boots.

• Pick the right fit:

The fit is important; nothing screams disaster than an ill-fitting jacket. For example, real leather jackets tend to stretch one size, so you’ll have to be very sure before buying one. Good bomber jackets fit you just like a tailored blazer- they’re comfortable around the shoulders and lean towards the sleeves and body. If you’re too tight, it’s difficult to layer them over a tee or shirt. And if they’re too loose, they make you look funny!

• Pick the right jacket for the right price:

When it comes to buying bomber jackets, it’s not about the company that makes it; rather the look that you want. Shop for the best bomber jackets with us for less than a quarter of what you’d have to pay for a somewhat similar design from Fear Of God.