3 Things You Didn’t Know About Bomber Jackets

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It doesn’t matter where you’re shopping, you’re likely to see the same thing – the men’s bomber jacket aka the flight jacket! It was fashion’s favorite in 2016 and in fact, the most popular search term that year according to Google. The trend’s likely to continue this year as well. If you’re a fan, here are three things you probably didn’t know about your favorite bomber jacket:

• The Bomber Started Out As A Military Jacket:

Most of today’s bombers are styled along the lines of the vintage MA-1. This was designed for the US Air Force in 1949-50. The design for the MA-1 was inspired by the A-2 and the B-15. While the A-2 was made from horse hide, the B-15 featured a fur collar. The MA-1 did not include the fur collar because it often got in the way of a parachute harness. You can buy one from us, though. Shop for a military inspired high neck fur jacket, or buy the leather faux fur croco jacket only at Vicemode.

• The Bomber Was A Symbol of Rebellion In The Late ‘60s:

From the late ‘60s to the early ‘80s, the bomber jacket was a symbol of rebellion throughout Europe, US and Japan. This was around the time when manufacturers of the MA-1 shifted their focus towards marketing them for civilians. The MA-1 style was complimented well by a pair of Doc Martens, fishtail parkas, and punk.

• Steve McQueen Introduced The Bomber Jacket To Hollywood:

Long before Top Gun featured Tom Cruise wearing the patched leather bomber jacket, Steve McQueen had introduced the bomber jacket style to Hollywood. Remember The Hunter? Harrison Ford soon followed it up with the A-2 inspired bomber in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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