3 Streetwear Clothing Trends You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

Streetwear has come a long way from the days when Stüssy and the Hundreds catered to the skate and punk subculture. Today, street clothing isn’t a part of the niche culture but rather, the de facto style for fashion labels across the world. Even as high fashion brands like Givenchy and Louis Vuitton move into the streetwear market; we still have young designers putting out some excellent yet affordable designs. Here are a few trends you ought to look for this year:

Embroidered Denim:

If 2016 was all about denim with patchwork, this year’s going to be about embroidered denim. The style that was once popular during the 1960’s is now set to make a huge comeback thanks to celebrities like Zayn Malik and Drake. While a Gucci snake embroidered denim pant would set you back by a $1000, you can buy them same design at Vicemode for less than $200!

Oversized Clothing:

The anti-fit or oversized clothing trend is now back! They’re very popular in LA and NY. And it’s not just shirts or flannels, but the entire silhouette that’s designed to be loose and oversized (think Justin Bieber). The style is influenced by the 90’s s grunge style, but with modern streetwear aesthetics. Shop for baggy split shorts and oversized t-shirts at Vicemode for less than $100.

Athletic Wear:

Joggers have now become streetwear staple. They’re a must have in your wardrobe if you’re a fan of urban street clothing. While Moschino and Calvin Klein joggers could set you back by a few hundred dollars, ours cost less a little over $100.

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