3 Different Jeans And How To Wear Them

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Standard jeans, boot cuts, baggies, distressed… there are more than a dozen different jeans style men can now choose from. The trick, however, is to wear the right pair of jeans for the right occasion. If you’re a fan of streetwear clothing, here are three different street style jeans that never fail to impress, and how to wear them:

• Biker Jeans:

Men’s biker jeans are quite the trend in the streetwear world. They’re perfect if you’d like to add an edgy vibe to your wardrobe. You can style them in different styles ranging from subtle to the flamboyant. Pair them with a plain white or gray tee, a black leather jacket, Yeezy-style sneakers, and you’re ready to rock! Right now, they’re on sale at our store. Buy a pair of hard damaged biker jeans, or go for the patched alternative – either way, you’re sure to impress!

• Ripped Skinny Jeans:

Ripped black skinny jeans were popular in 2016; they’re likely to stay that way this year as well. You could either opt for the subtle knee ripped look, or immerse yourself completely and tear them into tatters! For the perfect street style try our range of distressed ripped skinny jeans. While the high –end Balenciaga or Balmain ones can set you back by a few hundred dollars, we sell them for less than a quarter of that price! Street style is about individuality, not about the brand! Pair this ultra damaged ripped jeans with high top sneakers and you’re ready to rock the Kanye style! For a lot less, of course.

• Taper Denim:

These are loose around the thighs but taper towards the calves. They’re perfect for you if you’re a gym junkie with a muscular built, or are not into the skinny trend. They’re versatile and quite easy to style – you can pair them with just about anything.

Skinny, ripped, patched… we’ve got a whole range of denims. Shop for the latest designs here!